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sandra-oregon... I like how your sessions deal with all aspects of my well-being, not just nutrition. I appreciate that you address the whole balance. Many of my 'uncontrollable' cravings have subsided since I've learned how to add more nutritional value to my diet. I have also enjoyed the techniques you use. The very first set of affirmations you gave to me hit home, and to this day when I say them they help keep me grounded. Your 'Emotional Writing' technique has also become a regular part of how I process my emotions, your prescription of weekly epsom salt baths are a glorious luxury, and my Meditation Board (my intentions 'come to life') are a daily reminder for me of where I'm going. All of these gradual changes have had a wonderfully positive impact on both my health and well-being, each in their own way ...

Sandra, Oregon, U.S.

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