Manifest Your Dreams

I believe there’s power and magic within you to manifest your dreams.

I believe you can live a vibrant, passion filled life.

I believe you can feel fabulous every day.

So what is it about me that can help you bring your dreams into reality?

I’m an alchemist.
Not an alchemist in the traditional sense -
I don’t wear mystical robes and turn lead into gold! But I do have a natural gift to be a catalyst for change. And I always make sure that change is supportive, nurturing and empowering.

About Sally

I’ve conquered many personal challenges.

These have included walking away from a physically violent relationship - whilst feeling worthless and full of fear. Through diet and other natural approaches, I’ve overcome panic attacks, debilitating migraines and endometriosis. I’ve also suffered from uterine fibroids but I’ve managed to prevent having a hysterectomy. I’ve made bold changes, steadfastly holding on to my personal beliefs, even when others thought I was making a big mistake. In fact, I’ve moved out of my comfort zone many times in order to create a beautiful life that deeply connects with my soul.

Making changes to your life

- no matter how big or small - can be a daunting thing to do. I get it. But take a moment out of your busy day… relax and just breathe… I have some good news for you…the process of change can be much easier than you think.

It can even be fun!


I’ve spent 30 years exploring, experiencing and discovering many different paths to achieve wellbeing.


Paths Converge


I’ve worked as a nurse in operating theatres and a sales rep in diabetes health care. I’ve trained as a spiritual healer and worked on live TV for 5 years as an intuitive coach. I’m a certified Natural Nutritionist and Life Coach. I also hold a Professional Plant Based Cooking certificate. And I have 9 years experience in running personal & spiritual development retreats.

Intuition has played a major part in my life.  Intuition has guided me down many pathways - sometimes I’ve felt I’ve been on three at once! But these pathways have finally converged - infusing all my knowledge into the one path I find myself on today. So by combining my personal experiences with my professional expertise, you’ll learn how to approach your wellbeing from every level - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual - essential if you’re looking for deep rooted change and results that last.

praise-diana-oregon-usaI met Sally just in time.

Every day I had less energy, and the morning aches and pains were getting me down—literally. At 70, I figured I was just getting old, but I surely did not like it.

Enter Sally.

My first conversation with Sally inspired me to try some dietary changes, in spite of the fact that I thought I was already eating well, mostly organic, but with as little kitchen time as possible. The first change was dramatic: 24 hours and my morning aches diminished by half; 48 hours and they were gone completely. Really? Yes, really. I was amazed—might have to listen to what else Sally has to say, which turned out to be quite a lot and has helped me enormously.

Not only did my energy start building within weeks, but also, over the next 12 months, I lost that pesky 20 pounds that had been hitching a ride with me for 15 years—and it stays off.

It’s easy to learn from Sally. She cares. She has enthusiasm, compassion and a deep understanding of nutrition and the way our bodies utilize the food we eat—or not. It’s difficult to make changes to lifetime eating habits, but with Sally on your side, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

I hope others find Sally in time to turn their health right around.

Diana, Oregon, USA

I Love

If I’m not hiking to one, I’m going on a magical meditation to one.


Beautiful journals I can write beautiful things in, and one is never enough - I have 3 on the go right now!

Every morning in my bedroom - even if it’s just 10 minutes - it starts my day in a wonderful way.


Millie and Monty, our treasured dogs both sadly and unexpectedly died in May and June 2017 (just 3 weeks apart from each other).  We miss them terribly.  They taught me the importance of play and love and that life is too short to get caught up in stress and busyness.

Yes, I have one!! I met Michael when I was living in Florence, Italy. Now I’m living in Hood River, Oregon (where there are loads of waterfalls - YAY!).


If I’m not attending classes I’m turning the music up and dancing in the living room.

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